Our goal

To become a leader in Alzheimer's diagnostics through the development of immuno-based blood tests for early disease detection, enabling optimal care and treatment.

Our company

NeuroQuest is a biotechnology company founded in 2008, a portfolio company of Trendlines Medical, based in Misgav, Israel. NeuroQuest Center, Inc., our U.S.-based research and development headquarters, is located in Charleston, S.C.

Our mission

Develop a simple screening tool for the at-risk population that is accurate, affordable, and accessible. Our test will provide patients and doctors more time to employ therapies and researchers new opportunities to develop treatments.

Our way ahead

NeuroQuest recently received strong independent endorsement of its platform with the collaboration of the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle Flagship Study of Aging (AIBL). Our U.S. clinical trials begin in 2016, concluding in 2017.

Business partnerships

​NeuroQuest has established a U.S. subsidiary and clinical development center at the Roper St. Francis Clinical Biotechnology Research Institute with the assistance and financial support of the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA).

​NeuroQuest licensed from Yeda (the Weizmann Institute Technology Transfer Arm) the intellectual property covering this technology and holds an exclusive global license for its development and commercialization.

Want to know more?

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