Strategies for a Smart Landscape Design

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Of course landscaping companies are a better choice when you want to achieve that beautiful and eye-appealing landscape in your yard. However, not all want to hire some professional services, some want to rely on their own expertise and skills. The problem with this, however, is that, without the proper training and skills, they could end up destroying the whole thing unintentionally. 

Many house owners tend to collect randomly chosen plants that are, unknowingly, placed haphazardly. The inability to know the proper placement of plants could lead to poor plant cohesion and over-all aesthetics of the landscape. To make this worse, poorly maintained plants and poor landscape planning can result in the plants needing more frequent pruning, expensive treatments, and the list goes on.  

In this article, you are provided with the essential tips and smart strategies for making a functional and effective landscape in your yard. 

Identify your focal points 

The focal point is an area or a spot that generally attracts eyes and people. This spot, according to a professional landscaper, has the ability to direct anyone’s vision and make them feel moved, engaged, and surprised.  

The focal points are commonly mistaken to be a statue or a specimen tree. However, focal points need to be something that is visually unique from the rest of the landscape. It could be a borrowed view or a house’s architectural feature.  

After identifying the focal points, the next move is to highlight them without putting farther away from the overall theme and design of the landscape.  

Choose the right plants and put them on the right place 

Aside from identifying the right plants for your landscape, and their expected full-grown size to avoid unexpected costs of maintenance and pruning, there is also a need to consider the proper spacing in between the plants and trees.  

Proper spacing allows good air circulation that prevents insect and fungal problems.  

Skip the formal landscape 

Formal landscapes are challenging to do and difficult to attain because it needs proper and complete symmetry when it comes to shapes, colors, materials, plants, and other necessary elements. This will create more expenses; hence, if you do not have the budget to pursue formal landscaping, skip this.  

Accentuate your home 

A good landscape is properly balanced. It has the ability to accentuate the house, and not put it away from the frame. Some houses have grand designs and are considered to be architectural masterpieces. These houses may not be overwhelmed by your beautifully made landscape. However, there are certain styles and designs of houses that may be overwhelmed by the landscape that they lose their aesthetics.  

There is a need to blend the house with its surroundings. However, careful planning is needed to avoid hiding your house by overgrown shrubbery.  


Landscaping is surely a very demanding work, as it exhausts your creative and budgeting skills. However, if planned and executed properly, your landscape will be one of your greatest achievements. All you just need to do is to follow all the tips that we put on this article, and you are good to go. 

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